Selling your Property made easy

AT SKY REALTY ASSOCIATES our combined knowledge and experience has made us the best agency to assist you in the selling of your property or business.
SKY REALTY will market, negotiate and complete all process until the closing of your home, property and business.
SKY REALTY will guide you on how to market your property and offer an honest, fair, C.M.A. (Comparable Market Analysis) of your property value.
MARKETING your property is a very important key on the process of selling your home.
With SKY REALTY, your property will be advertised on 3 different newspapers, 10 different Real Estate websites, canvassing, cold calls, flyers, brochures and signs will be displayed on the property at your wish. Our customer service will turn leads and inquiries into potential buyers.
SKY REALTY takes extra care and time with you, coordinating the roles of the many others who have involvement in the sale and handling the many details necessary to make sure the process moves along and your property closes on time.


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